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Maca’s antics!

Maca right before giving me a scare of my life!

While in Yolasa, we were at the end of the Death road, and were wrapping up at the restaurant just outside of the village.

Maca was just chilling nearby, and having never seen a macaw in real life before in the wild, I was very very intrigued and fascinated. I just observed Maca for a few minutes, with it eating and chilling in its own world. I then decided to take out my phone to take a picture of the beautiful bird, and that’s when it all happened. Maca apparently deemed my action of capturing the moment as threatening. It donned an aggressive stance, with wings spread, beak open and loud screams. Having been jittered with this response, I ducked and headed inside, with Maca chasing me right till I entered the premises.

So what did I learn from this episode?

  1. Don’t invade a macaw’s personal space.
  2. Sometimes, mental pictures are enough!

Also, you can safely say that the picture that you see here, almost cost me my life, or at least my eye!

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